Trade Me Property
Renti is integrated with your apply now button on your Trade Me Property listings, so that you don't waste your valuable marketing efforts.
Renti's partnership with REINZ aims to elevate the property management landscape by combining Renti's advanced technology with REINZ's industry expertise. Together with Renti, this partnership promises to bring cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to the forefront, elevating standards and enriching the real estate experience for stakeholders nationwide.
Lumin Sign has partnered with Renti to push the eSignature envelope. Property management is hamstrung by wet signatures and printing; Lumin Sign makes sign off easy with legally-binding eSignatures done in a click. With Renti, you’re not just signing papers anymore – you’re sealing deals with cutting-edge, iron-clad technology. We’re two Kiwi companies on a mission to make tech cooler, faster, and safer. You can already do so much in Renti. And with Lumin Sign’s eSignatures, you can sign it all off.
Our partners
Power BI
Through the use of our integration with PowerBi, we make reporting super visible and transparent. Total visibility on performance across the agency. Live statistics allow you to assess development at a higher level. Our team can help create reports or simply just provide the right endpoints for you to use the data in any way you see fit. Keep track of the market. What's working, what's not. Monitor performance and KPI’s, the opportunities are endless.
Zapier is an online automation tool that can connect your Renti account and allow you to build triggers on certain actions so that you can create custom external outcomes outside of Renti. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Use your imagination, anything is possible!
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